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Fire Extinguishers for Sale in New York City

Fire Foe Corp. is one of the most trusted providers of fire safety products and services in the US. We feature a complete range of fire extinguishers for sale in New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Helping residential and commercial clients maintain a safe environment for their families and employees is our main goal. Trust us when it comes to your fire safety needs.
Prevention is your best weapon. Taking precautionary measures and maintaining your electrical system are good ways to avoid any damage and injury caused by fire. It also pays to buy extinguishers, so you can fight and put out the fire before it spreads throughout the structure. As a fully certified DOT service facility in New York, Fire Foe Corp. knows the importance of providing adequate information and equipment to the public. We supply high quality yet affordable products to our growing number of clients across the state and surrounding areas.

Fire Foe Products and Services

We are committed to serving the needs of residential and commercial property owners. Our products range from emergency response products to fire extinguishers and sprinkler accessories. We also supply emergency lighting, and fire safety signs, labels, and tags. Our services include fire extinguisher refill and recharging. Visit our Products page to see what we have in stock and what we offer.
Fire Foe is a member of the N.A.F.E.D. (National Association of Fire Equipment Distributors) and the N.F.P.A. (National Fire Protection Association).

We Got Your Fire Safety Needs Covered

Your goal is to protect your property, family, and workers against fire. Ours is to help achieve yours. You can count on us when we say our products meet the highest quality and safety standards. Our Long Island office stocks different types of fire extinguishers and other equipment. We have friendly and experienced sales representatives to assist and guide you as you shop.
Contact us for more inquiries about the fire extinguisher service company NYC trusts and our products.