Fire Extinguisher Refill

Fire Foe Corp. provides reliable fire services and products in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. We specialize in fire extinguisher refill, recharge, and other related services. Our office is open during weekdays and our team is always ready to serve you. Just bring your “refillable” extinguishers to our facility and we'll take care of the rest.

Why Refill Your Fire Extinguisher

Fire extinguishers can save your life and your properties. It will help you control a Class A fire and prevent it from spreading. Refilling it will make sure you'll have something reliable to use in time of need. You can also tell whether you need to refill your extinguisher by lifting it or by looking at the gauge. Used extinguishers usually feel lighter than they should be. Someone might have accidentally discharged an extinguisher and did not inform anyone. By conducting personal inspection, you can identify extinguishers that need refilling.

When to Refill Your Fire Extinguisher

The rule of the thumb is to refill or recharge your fire extinguisher immediately after and every time you use it. Keeping it well maintained is the only way to make sure it can protect you in case of fire. Expelling all of the extinguishing agent and refilling are the requirements during annual fire extinguisher inspections. This allows the fire service personnel to check if an extinguisher still has proper discharging mechanisms and pressure gauge readings.

Where and How to Refill Your Fire Extinguisher

Refilling a fire extinguisher requires ample knowledge, skill, and the right equipment. We recommend taking your extinguishers to our facility to ensure proper refilling and avoid safety issues. We perform an inspection to check whether there are signs of malfunction or corrosion. This allows us to take necessary actions and provide recommendations.

Contact us if your fire extinguishers at home or in the office need a refill.