Safety Products

Residential and commercial fires are among the most common causes of financial loss in the US. They have claimed many lives and caused billions worth of property damage. Fortunately, the number of cases recorded has dropped over the past few years, thanks to the information provided by the Government and the introduction of better fire safety equipment.

Statistics show that residential and commercial fire incidents between 2007 and 2011 have significantly dropped. This is a good indication that home and business owners are becoming more careful and informed. You can do your share by implementing a good fire prevention plan in your property. This should include having enough fire extinguishers and other safety equipment in place.

Fire Foe Corp. is an authorized distributor of fire safety products in New York. We've been serving customers in the entire state since 1956, having managed to extend our reach by gaining a license to operate in New Jersey and Connecticut. We now offer a range of services on top of our products, which include fire extinguishers, safety signs.

Top Quality Products for Your Safety and Compliance

Safety Product | Fire Foe | Long Island City, NY
Safety Product | Fire Foe | Long Island City, NY
Safety Product | Fire Foe | Long Island City, NY
As a resident, you need to comply with state and federal laws concerning the use of fire safety systems. The Government requires residential and commercial property owners to have properly installed and maintained equipment. As a fully licensed business, Fire Foe Corp. is committed to helping you stay compliant. We do this by offering products manufactured in accordance with all the existing standards. You can be sure about the quality of our extinguishers and other items in our inventory. Our company has gained the necessary certifications from different agencies; we are a member of many organizations that promote fire safety and prevention.

Make your home or building a safer place by installing our products and hiring our services. Contact us to make an inquiry or to request assistance.

Your choice of extinguisher depends on the type and size of your property. Fire Foe Corp. offers different types, designs, and sizes of fire extinguishers to meet your safety needs. Check out our inventory to find the best products for your residential or commercial building.